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Passion doesn’t follow profit — it’s the other way around. Today, successful businesses place a premium on the contentment capital of their employees, customers, and communities. We envision a future where people are as excited to start the week as they are for the weekend.



We work from the inside out. How a company looks, talks, and acts is a direct reflection of it’s internal culture. We make sure what’s inside is caught up with what’s outside so your brand can gain the momentum necessary to achieve your business goals. This is how we work.



you might need us when: you’ve merged with another company, everyone is talking about a re-brand, you’ve come out of stealth mode, the board hired a new CEO, three letters:I.P.O., you’ve grown beyond 50 employees, your Mondays have gone bad


  • Company Culture Control Panel

    The 5 Ps of Culture Management

    Josh presents at MX 2014 The ability to manage company culture in today’s rapidly changing workplace is the difference between industry leaders and losers. Because employee engagement is more important than ever before, managers must learn how to effectively lead … Continued

  • Leaping Lemurs! What the rise of Culture jobs on LinkedIn means.

    I like to talk with people about company culture. A lot. My zeal for the subject combined with the simultaneous organizational-employee benefits make it a great topic for conversations regardless I’m sipping a mocha or Manhattan. The problem is that … Continued

  • CC1

    Contentment Capital

    Mirriam-Webster describes contented as feeling satisfaction with one’s possessions, status, or situation. But why should any CEO care one byte if her employees are content? Amongst all the hub-bub of business model innovation and the internet of things the bottom … Continued

  • autodesk

    Acquire and Thrive: 3 Rules to Live By

    Perhaps no news is good news, but when it comes to acquisitions it seems even if the market deems success, we hear the culture of the acquired was never the same. More and more it’s the talent as much as … Continued

  • morale_1

    Employee Morale: What Leaders Learn from Putin, Fitbit, and Game of Thrones

    The momentum of an organization is only as good as the morale of its people. When even patents fail to create business advantages for long, employees are the single most important asset, and it is leadership’s single most important job … Continued

  • tumblr_mh9qatRKJo1ro0c29o1_500

    Small Perks That Can Create Big Impact on Company Culture

    Not that long ago, if you asked employers what types of perks they offer their employees, they would probably mention things like 2 weeks of vacation time and a break room complete with a coffee maker and non-dairy creamer. These … Continued

Josh Levine
As founder of Great Monday, Josh partners with business leaders to build and manage their brands from the inside out. He regularly speaks, writes, and leads workshops about the intersection of brand and company culture.
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Rachel Gold
Strategy Lead
Rachel leads strategy for Great Monday and is responsible for development of names, positioning, messaging, and brand stories. Rachel holds a MBA in Design Strategy from the California College of Art.
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Shawn Rosenberger
Design Lead
Shawn is a creative change agent specializing in emotive brand identity, package design, and extended business and consumer touch points.
Emily Tsiang
Culture Lead
Emily cultivates creative communities and applies design principles to the employee experience. Most recently she managed transformational efforts aligning talent to business strategy at Cisco.
Terra Judge


A passionate humanist, Terra applies her sharp mind, and rigorous analysis to help clients develop powerful brands and positive company cultures.

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